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【Tomato Sourdough Bread with Black Garlic, Finnish Bread Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomato, Green Olive】

By George Kitchen 左字廚房 George Tang

Black fermented garlic is very popular in Asia. I was searching for it in Finland so I could use it in my latest recipes creations for the next cookbook. Lucky I discovered this Black Fermented Garlic from Pure Garden/Black Garlic -mustavalkosipulituotteet, a Möljä Farm in Southern Ostrobothnia, which is cultivated by Vuokko Yli-Kesäniemi and Mikko Siljamäki. Möljä is Vuokko's home farm.

The taste of this black garlic is sweet, sour and also has a hint of licorice root. This black garlic is rather addictive even as a little snack.

I love baking sourdough bread and black garlic that I applied the Black Garlic, Finnish Bread Cheese (Leipäjuusto) Sun-Dried Tomato, Green Olive, Thyme & Tomato Juice ( to replace the water in this bread) into this bread to create a new party sourdough.

I am so glad not only the vision of this new bread recipe come out with attractive colours, the all-round taste of the ingredients were enhancing each other that you don’t even need to apply butter nor olive oil to serve with it .Because every components stand out on its own in just one bite within your month, yet you would want to keep on eating it repeatedly. I had to stop my girlfriends not to eat too much of it since the main dishes were not even served yet. They love it so much and they each took another half of a new sourdough bread of the same taste to their loved one back home.


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